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The idea of putting together this site came to me while I was thinking of changing my webhost. I needed a domain name for keeping all the audio files of rather rare Indian classical music recordings that my friend Aftab and I share with everyone online.

Owing to my interest in philosophy and particularly metaphysics these days, I often think of how ontological commitment has been discussed in 20th century analytic philosophy in trying to make sense of things that exist. Do the tables and the chairs exist in addition to living organisms and other concrete objects as far as they are all made up of atoms? What if anything distinguishes living organisms from a mere collection of elementary particles? Does a chair, for instance, not exist in the the same way that I exist? Is the chair in my room, ontologically speaking, a mereological sum of the smallest particles that exist – and they may be identical to each other – or what I see is not really a chair, but maybe quarks arranged “chairwise”?

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